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The Three D's of Dealing with Toxic People (VIDEO)

Wondering how to deal with toxic people? Rene Syler has three tips to help you!

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How to Love Yourself! (VIDEO)

Want to know how to love yourself? Tionna Smalls has three tips for you!

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How to Mend a Family Relationship? (VIDEO)

Having family issues? Tia Brown gives YOU two tips on how to mend family relationships!

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Dealing with an inappropriate family member! (VIDEO)

Midwin Charles gives YOU two tips on how to approach an inappropriate family member!

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Dealing With A Cheater! (Video)

Do you suspect your mate is cheating on you? Listen to Tom's Kersting three rules of advice!

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The Power of Agreement! (Video)

Tired of fighting with friends and family? Our expert Mel Robbins give you one simple and easy tip for communicating effectively.

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Mate Not Helping? What To Do Before You Leave 'Em

Every marriage goes through it or they should. It's the chore talk.